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SABG-15 pannkaksprob

Artikelnr.: EM85916_DEMO

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  • Alpha, beta and gamma surface contamination measurement
  • Geiger-Mueller detector with a 15 cm² and 2.0 mg/cm² end window.
  • Units available: cps, CPM, Bq, Bq/cm², DPM, DPM/100 cm²
  • Compliant with IEC 60325 and ANSI N42.17A
  • Belongs to CSP Family

The SABG-15+ is a part of the CSP (Canberra Smart Probe) and designed for the measurement of surface contamination. Detects alpha, beta and gamma emitters. The probe itself store key parameters, settings, calibrations, probe ID, alarm settings (10 values for each unit to display with default setting), etc. Thus, the probe is a fully-integrated subsystem communicating the measurement to the instrument. Moreover, a CSP is using a serial protocol to communicate with the host that can be an instrument or a PC. Calibration and QA measurements can be performed directly with the probe, without even using an instrument, by connecting the probe to a computer with CANBERRA Smart Probe Software (CSPS). Once calibrated, SABG-15+ is ready to be used as a ‘plug and play’ probe to start a QA measurement in c/s, Bq, Bq/cm², CPM, DPM, DPM/100 cm² depending on the connected survey meter. SABG-15+ connects to the CSP survey meter via a 1.5 meter or 20 meter CSP cable. The SABG-15+ probe is able to store up to 1000 data points from a data logging procedure handled via the host instrument. These data are: index, date/time, measurement value, selected unit and counting time. SABG-15+ firmware can be upgraded via CSPS, a CSP/USB cable and a PC.

Efficiency over 2π
– 14C: 17%
– 90Sr + 90Y: 51%
– 60Co: 31%
– 241Am: 35%