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Justerbar mobil avgränsning

Artikelnr.: MXBS62

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  • Steel housing for improved durability and sturdiness
  • Adjustable full-width lead acrylic window
  • Handles for optimized mobility
  • Deep wheeling structure for secure transportation
  • Four twin wheels on castors

This easy-to-position shielding system gives clear visibility of the patient while protecting the personnel.

Finishing materials: Coated steel
Color: White (yellow / green / turquoise on request)
Shielding materials: Lead acrylic
Shielding thickness: 0.5 mmPb in acrylic window, 1.0 mmPb in lower panel
Outside dimensions: Up: 810 x 530 x 1900 mm (w x d x h), Down: 810 x 530 x 1200 mm (w x d x h)
Weight: 60 Kg