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    • Trapping efficiency > to 95 % (HTO & HT)
    • The bubbler is equipped with a relative humidity compensation system:
      • No condensation outside of the sampler
      • Very limited water losses in the bottles allowing long measurement campaigns (one month)
    • Reduced sampling water volume (from 60 ml) allowing to limit the dilution of the sample
    • Regulated flow according to the pressure drop


    • Small footprint: the equipment can be moved by one single person thanks to its low weight (< 15kg)
    • Quick and easy implementation
    • Set up and removal of the bottles facilitated by a standard screw thread
    • Bottles are identified by color in order to avoid any mismatch
    • Real time detection of possible leaks (i.e.: sampling bottles badly screwed)


    • Tactile and user-friendly software interface
    • Display of operating and sampling data, sampling history, instantaneous defaults and operating status history.
    • Reset of the duration and volume of sampling before each campaign of measurement on the main screen display
    • Startup and in continuous self-test


    • Light and sound alarm for signaling the defaults
    • Remote beacon connector
    • Modbus Ethernet connection for remote setup
    • Dry-contact outputs for the carryover of functioning states



    • Preventive maintenance limited to one annual maintenance operation
    • The access to consumables is easy and no tool is necessary to ensure the maintenance operations
    • Easy decontamination thanks to the complete stainless-steel sampling circuit
    • The use of a Peltier effect cooling system eliminates the need for a refrigerant and/or cooling liquid change
    • Limited maintenance allows a longer service time

The HT ionix range is the result of more than 22 years of international expertise in the world of tritium measurement, constantly enriched by the feedback from the operators of the nuclear sites. Their functionalities and performances meet the needs of users exposed to tritium risks.