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WRM2 - Wireless Remote Monitoring System

Artikelnr.: WINWRM2

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  • Multi-Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) teledosimetry system
  • High Visibility LED, High Audible and Vibration Alarms
  • Long-life battery and improved clip design
  • Exceptional range > 1000 meter line-of-sight
  • 2.4 GHz 
  • Multiple Base & MESH Repeater functions
  • Two-way communication configurable (WRM2 EXT Transceiver)
  • Compatible with some Mirion Air Monitors and Portable Instruments
  • WRM2 MUX with 8 connections for diving and mutli-badging

WRM2 is a teledosimetry system. This compact, robust system provides unparalleled features for wireless personnel and area monitoring, and increases worker awareness of radiological environments through enhanced alarm indications.

Part number: 
55688 WRM2 Base Transceiver
55689 WRM2 Repeater

Telemetry Diving Equipment
55692 WRM2 iMUX with 8 interface cables
55694 WRM2 Active Dive Antenna
55693 WRM2 Active Dive Antenna Repeater