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AWM - Allt-i-ett lösning för trådlös övervakning

Artikelnr.: WR3-A014

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  • Adaptable to interface with a wide range of radiation monitors and other measuring devices 
  • WRM2™ system, Wi-Fi, Blue-tooth, and GPS capability 
  • Touch-screen user interface allows configuration in the field 
  • Power-over-Ethernet 
  • >8 hour batter backup

The AWM Adaptive Wireless Monitor is a dynamic new wireless remote monitor system that now represents an ALL-in-ONE solution for nuclear industry remote monitoring. This compact system can be deployed as a base station, MESH repeater, external transmitter device, active dive repeater, etc.; which minimizes the different types of inventory that must be maintained. The AWM includes a DB9 RS-232 communication port, USB communication port, Power-over-Ethernet (POE) or Wi-Fi. The AWM unit uses a colored touchscreen for on-screen defined configurations.