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Mevis - Measurement and Visualization Software

Artikelnr.: 42849-020

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  • Collect data from all Berthold Technologies Loggers
  • Visualization of data in graphs and tables
  • Monitoring for status and alarms
  • Report function to export data
  • The data is well organized database
  • Provides long term (years) graphics, tables and lists
  • All user functions are secured with hierarchical passwords
  • The data collection is done in background through dedicated drivers
  • Connection is possible either via Ethernet or serial communication

MEVIS is a central data acquisition software to archive and visualize measuring data, provided by a network of measuring stations, over long periods. The core of the program is a measurement channel and status overview screen, which contains all necessary information about:

  • Configuration (channels, status inputs, data path)
  • Conversion of data (measuring range, calibration factors, conversion tables)
  • Evaluation of data (threshold values, alarm levels)
  • Operation and failure status of the measure­ment stations
  • Correlation of different data sets

The measured data from the probes are stored in the data logger of the measuring station. The obtained data are compared to alarm and failure thresholds. In regular time intervals or on operator request, these data are transferred to the central station. When an alarm or failure occur the operators are warned. Additional alarm functions e.g. email or SMS are possible. The central station can control the measuring channels remotely. This allows the transfer of parameter files to and from the measuring station, specific remote commands, etc.

The measured data can be shown in tabular or graph form by the operator, as well as status and failure protocols. Measurement information can be presented in digital, time- or bargraph form on a floor plan map as well as alarms. 

Operating systems: WinNT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)
LAN Connections: RS 232, RS 422, RS 485, Ethernet via COM-server, Ethernet (F²C via TCP/IP)
External signaling: GSM, Pager, SMS, email
Configurations: Stand alone, Master / Slave redundant, Master – Auxiliary Visualization Unit
Available Versions: 
  - MEVIS Light (max. 3 monitors, shows only graphs and tables, serial data transmission only, Ethernet via COM-server)
  - MEVIS Full: Standard version for medium size radiation protection networks, serial data transmission, Ethernet direct (F²C via TCP/IP)