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LB 9000

Artikelnr.: 42836-12

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  • Universal data acquisition system
  • Operating System: Windows
  • 19''-rack with 10 HU
  • Industrial-PC with 12'' TFT-Monitor and Touch screen
  • Passive Backplane with 11 slots for 5 different plug-in boards
  • Visualisation of the measurement values and graphs
  • Alarm and status page
  • Integrated tools for quality assurance and periodical tests
  • 2 password protected access levels
  • F²C-Data communication via RS 232 or Ethernet
  • Data memory with 10 000 values per channel
  • Embedded watchdog function (Relay board)
  • Optionally watchdog function via external PLC

The Data Logger LB 9000 with its PC software is a universal data acquisition system for a variety of detector systems in radiation protection. All kinds of different probes, sensors and peripheral devices can be connected. It has a modular structure so that it can be set up and retrofitted depending on the application. Intelligent modules are used to which the detectors and sensors are connected:

  • ABPD-board for pseudo-coincidence measurement
  • Detector DAQ-board
  • Universal IO-board
  • 8-fold current-output-board
  • Relay-board with 8- or 16-fold relay card with double changers
  • Detector Power Supply module (4 Tuchel-connectors)

If necessary the modules can be used in a multiple way. Up to 10 slots are available so that you can configure a large-scale system with up to 50 virtual measuring channels combined with 20 analog outputs and 70 digital outputs.

The system can be upgraded to max. 15 boards by using an additional rack.

The Data Logger features a mature software system that can be configured by the user. It takes over the complete control of all modules, calculation and integral calculation and the graphical presentation on the screen.

All measured values, different integral values and exceeding or not reaching limit values can be monitored and output depending on the user´s requirements.

The Windows based PC software has a user friendly graphical interface. There are various service functions for periodical testing: Background measurement, determination of calibration factors, plateau measurement and determination of pseudo-coincidence factors.

Hardware: 19“ rack, desktop housing or rack mounting device
Processor board: mini-PC, 7“ TFT-Monitor with touch screen
Interfaces: back panel: 3 x USB port, 1 x Ethernet, 2 x RS 232
Temperature range: 0°C to 50°C
Relative humidity: 20% to 80%, non-condensing
Data buffer: 10.000 measurement records per channel
Watchdog function: integrated into the relay board firmware
Back up function :parameter up-/download for external back up, setup configuration report in rtf format

  • Particulates Monitors (with ABPD/AERD compensation)
  • Radioactive Gas, Iodine and Tritium Monitors
  • Moving Filter applications (Stepwise & Continuous operation)
  • Water Monitoring
  • Dose- and Dose Rate Monitoring
  • Combined measurement systems