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LB 761 GD Alfa/beta lågnivåaktivitetsmätare

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  •  Simultaneous α- and β-measurement (1-fold sample slide for measuring planchets up to Ø 200 mm)
  • User-friendly PC software AMS (Activity measurement system for measurement and data acquisition)
  • Very low background guaranteed by 10 cm lead shielding on all sides
  • Service-friendly with regard to maintenance and repair

The low-level measuring station LB 761 for 200 mm planchets enables the simultaneous measurement of alpha and beta radiation components of a sample in two separate measuring channels. The background rates of the system are exceptionally low, so that very good detection limits are achieved.

The detector system can consist of several detectors (number depends on free slots and USB interfaces), whose measurement results can be calculated by a computer and the evaluation program AMS.

For customers with high sample throughput and at the same time different sample sizes, we offer a hybrid version. To save space, various activity measuring stations from our portfolio are combined. For example, our 200 mm measuring station can be used as a hybrid with the 10-fold low-level activity measuring station LB 790.


Mechanical Data  
External dimensions (with lead shielding) 600 x 600 x 270 (L x W x H in mm)
Weight (with lead shielding) approx. 1000 kg
Material detector module electrolytic copper
Material guard counter electrolytic copper
Physical & Electrical Data  
Power supply electronics +15/-15 V via LB 5330
Total current consumption (typical) 250 mA
Operating point with P-10 1550 V (typical)
Counting gas ArCH4 (90/10) or ArCO2 (82/18) / ArCO2 (90/10)
Metrological Data (P-10)  
Typical background

< 0.1 cpm (Alpha)

< 15 cpm (Beta)

Ambient Conditions  
Operating temperature range 0°C to 50°C
Relative humidity 10 to 80%, no condensing
Protection degree IP 50 (according to DIN IEC 60529)

Low background system ideally suited for the measurement of alpha / beta emitting nuclides commonly used in these application areas:

  • Environmental labs
  • Health Physics
  • Radio Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Occupationals Health
  • Industrial Safety
  • Food & Drug Analysis
  • Nuclear Medicine