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MicroCont II

Artikelnr.: RTM430

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  • Alfa, Beta or Gamma measurement
  • high sensititivity by large detection area
  • large multifunctional display
  • automatic background subtraction
  • 10 profiles, where parameters can only be modified via normal office PC
  • memory for max 500 measurement results

The MicroCont II is an instrument for contamination measurement. The efficient measurement of contamination is made possible by a large detection area with a high sensitivity. The software has 10 measurement profiles and parameter modification via a normal office PC by using an internal or external IR-interface. The memory keeps up to 500 measurement results which can be exported into Excel.

External detectors can be connected by optional adapter plate

RGZ190 large area gas flow proportional detectors (alpha, beta). Detector area 177 cm2. Integrated gas supply.
RBP170 plastic detector (Beta). No gas supply. Detection area 176 cm2. Usable to -10º C.
RDP175 plastic detector (Gamma). No gas supply. Detection area 176 cm2. Usable to -10º C.


  • Memory for 500 measurement results
  • integrated optical interface for wireless data transfer with common PC-IR-interface (at COM-Port)
  • user-specific, illuminated LC-Display with concise digital display, bar indicator, 3 lines of 12 digits, and miscellaneous special symbols
  • membrane keyboard with 5 pushbuttons, additional pushbutton integrated in handle
  • operating time with 3 LR 14 C Baby Size batteries each of 1.5 V up to 200 hours (normal operating mode, no constant illumination, background only) 
  • integrated real-time clock
  • small-sized speaker for audible alarm and further acoustic signals
  • easy to operate: all functions are self-evident, indicated either directly on pushbuttons or  through instructions on screen – no hidden functions
  • equivalent - and -measurement, simultaneous monitoring of user's threshold levels
  • parameter setting through Windows application
  • compact housing made of shock-resistant ABS; splash-proof (IP 63); easy to decontaminate surface; colour yellow; ergonomic handle with integrated pushbutton
  • dimensions incl. RGZ: approx. 275 x 145 x 130 mm (L x B x H)
  • dimensions incl. RXE / RBP / RPD: approx. 275 x 145 x 140 mm (L x B x H)

weight incl. RGZ: approx. 2100 g
weight incl. RXE: approx. 1950 g
weight incl. RBP: approx. 2490 g
weight incl. RPD: approx. 2250 g

  • external power supply connection: 3-5 V/90-230 V, 50 Hz