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YaG(Ce) - Yttrium Aluminum Garnet doped with Cerium

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  • High electron conversion efficiency
  • Good resolution
  • Light yield increases linearly with the total energy of the electron beam
  • Good thermal conductivity

YAG(Ce) is a non-hygroscopic, chemically inert inorganic scintillator.  The wavelength of the maximum emission at 550nm is well matched to CCD sensitivity. YAG(Ce) is a reasonably fast scintillator with a relative light yield of 21% of NaI(Tl).

Density [g/cm3]   4.55
Hardness (Mho)   8.5
Hygroscopic   No
Wavelength of emission max. [nm]  550
Refractive index @ emission max   1.82
Decay time [ns]   70
Relative light output 15
Light output, photons per keV 8