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  • Radiation Safety

  • Health Physics

  • Industrial and Medical

  • Homeland Security

  • Research Laboratories

Kromek's next generation of scintillator products replace conventional photomultiplier technology with state of the art SiPMs.These gamma-ray detectors offer up to 32.8 cm3 of detection volume, delivered in a package providing significant benefits in cost, size, weight, power consumption and temperature stability.

Kromek's SIGMA™ product range interfaces directly with the existing MultiSpect Analysis™ platform providing all the analysis benefits currently enjoyed by users of Kromek's CZT detector product.


As with the CZT technology, Kromek's SIGMA probes will be available for the RayMon™ platform allowing the user to seamlessly switch between detection needs for both search and detailed analysis.


Other products exploiting the SIGMA™ technology platform in quantitative analysis for food and decommissioning assay will follow.