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SS440 betaprob

Artikelnr.: SSL/SS440

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A beta scintillation probe designed to be an equivalent to the NE BP4.

This probe uses a ∅57 x 1.5 mm scintillator, with an active area of 19.6 cm2, and provides comparable sensitivity for beta radiation to anthracene.

A choice of 3 mm, 6 mm and 9 mm grill spacing is available.


SS440 with 9 mm grill, β background 2.9 cps. Listed as percentage of 2π emission rate

Nuclide Emission Efficiency
Sr-90/Y-90 β 34.8
C-14 β 14.10%
Pm-147 β 36.10%
Pu-238 β 15.00%
Co-60 β 23.60%
Cs-137 β 32.30%