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Nicolet iS50 Raman modul

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Raman module for iS50 Models Advanced or Research

The Thermo Scientific™ iS™50 Raman module adds new dimensions to material characterization in forensics, polymer, pharmaceutical and analytical laboratories. Mounted in the sample compartment, the iS50 Raman module adds analytical power to the Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ iS50 FT-IR spectrometer, version Advanced or Research without increasing its footprint, while delivering the performance of a dedicated module at a fraction of its price.

The iS50 Raman Module Advantage

• Performance of standard, larger modules

• Ready to work with one-touch operation

• Motorized sampling stage and video capture standard

• Compact size (sample compartment), affordable price Standard Software Tools

• Integration with Nicolet iS50 Touch Point operation

• User setup and control interface

• Thermo Scientific™ Microview™ and video for simple control

• Thermo Scientific™ OMNIC™ Atlμs™ Mapping and Analysis software

• Thermo Scientific™ Array Automation™ data collect and analysis software for well plates

• Validation optional via Thermo Scientific™ ValPro™ validation software

• Direct links to Thermo Scientific™ OMNIC Specta™ with multi-component search and Thermo Scientific™ TQ Analyst™ quantitative analysis package