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TMA PT1000 - thermomechanical analyzer

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The design of the LINSEIS TMA PT1000 Thermomechanical Analyzer guarantees highest precision, reproducibility and accuracy. The system was constructed to perform a variety of Thermomechanical experiments on an array of sample shapes and sizes over a wide temperature range to meet all TMA needs. The system can perform either static or dynamic measurements due to a built in force/frequency generator.

Typical materials under investigation are: composite materials, glass, polymers, ceramics and metals. The variety of measuring systems allows sample geometries such as fibers, rods, films, rods or cylinders.

TMA / DTMA Features

With low constant load:

  • Linear thermal expansion evaluation
  • Change of volume
  • Phase transformation
  • Sinter process evaluation
  • Softening point determination
  • Transformation points
  • Swelling behavior
  • Tension

With increased constant load:

  • Penetration
  • Transition and comparison tests
  • 3 point bending test

With dynamic load:

  • Visco-elastic behavior

Additional optional features:

  • DTA evaluation
  • (RCS) Rate controlled sintering software
Model: TMA PT1000 TMA PT1000 EM
Temperature range: -150 up to 1000°C -150 up to 1000°C
  -260 up to +220°C -260 up to +220°C
Sample size: 30 mm 30 mm
Force: up to 1 or 5.7 N up to 1 / 5.7 / 20 N
Frequency: 1 or 5 Hz -
Resolution: 0.125 nm 0.125 nm
Atmospheres: red., inert, oxid., static/dyn. red., inert, oxid., static/dyn.
Electronics: Integrated Integrated
Interface: USB USB