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TFLFA - Thin film thermal conductivity

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LaserFlash for thin film measurements (from 80 nm up to 20 µm)
TFA LaserFlash Apparatus (Thermal Conductivity/Diffusivity)

Thermophysical properties from thin-films are becoming more and more important in industries such as, phase-change optical disk media, thermo-electric materials, light emitting diodes (LEDs), phase change memories, flat panel displays, and the semiconductor industry. All these industries deposit a film on a substrate in order to give a device a particular function. Since the physical properties of these films differ from bulk material, these data are required for accurate thermal management predictions.

Based on the well established Laser Flash technique, the Linseis Laserflash for thin films (TFA) now offers a whole range of new possibilities to analyze thermophysical properties of thin films from 80nm up to 20 μm thickness. Two methods are now available:

  • High Speed Laserflash Method (Rear heating Front detection (RF))
  • Time Domain Thermoreflectance Method (Front heating Front detection (FF))
Temperature range*: RT
  RT up to 500°C
  -100°C up to 500°C
Pump-Laser: Nd:YAG Laser, maximum Impuls surrent:
  90mJ/Impuls (software controled), Pulswidth: 8 ns
Probe-Laser: HeNe-Laser (632nm), 2mW
Frontside-Thermoreflexion: Si-PIN-Photodiode, active diameter: 0.8 mm, 
  bandwidth DC … 400MHz, risetime: 1ns
Rearside-Thermoreflexion: quadrant diode, active diameter: 1.1 mm
  bandwidth DC … 100MHz, risetime: 3.5ns
Measuring range: 0,01 mm2/s up to 1000 mm2/s
Sample diameter: round samples ∅ 10...20 mm
Sample thickness: 80 nm up to 20 µm
Number of samples: Sample robot for up to 6 samples
Atmospheres: inert, oxidizing, reducing
Vacuum: up to 10E-4mbar