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DCT Carbon coater

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DCT is a turbo-pumped carbon coater that is ideal for FE-SEM, EDS/WDS, TEM, EBSD, and thin film applications. This high vacuum coater offers high-quality uniform carbon films with fine grain sizes which are suitable for specimens that require high resolution and high-quality characterization.

Pulsed Carbon Fiber Evaporation

The Desk vacuum carbon coater is able to perform pulsed carbon fiber evaporation. Short pulses provide more controlled deposition and significantly reduces the amount of debris associated with traditional carbon deposition.

Sample Stages

The device can be equipped with different sample stage configurations depending on the user requirements. The sample stages are rotatable with adjustable height and easy to change.  The rotary planetary sample stage is a good choice for uniform coating of porous specimens.


  • High vacuum turbo pump 70 l/s
  • Diaphragm backing pumpsFull range vacuum gauge
  • 170 mm OD x 140 mm vacuum chamber
  • 0-100 A switching pulsed DC power supply
  • Ultimate Vacuum: Less than 2 x 10-5 torr
  • Dimensions: 450 x 500 x 370 mm (H * W & D)
  • Utilities: 220V-50Hz – 10A
  • Intuitive touchscreen with a colored display unit
  • Sample holder with planetary rotation
  • Electronic shutter
  • Automatically controlled coating – independent of pressure
  • Precision metering valve for fine control of vacuum pressure
  • Real-time plots of coating parameters
  • A simple transfer of coating data plots via USB port to PC