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TSE 24 MC Twin-screw Extruder

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Incorporate flexibility and ease of use into your small-scale manufacturing and test samples compounding with the Thermo Scientific™ TSE 24 MC Twin-screw Extruder. This floor-mounted twin-screw extruder can be configured for a vast variety of applications, and its flexible barrel and screw design make it a perfect tool for solving all your processing challenges.

The TSE 24 MC Twin-screw Extruder Features:

  • Horizontally split barrel (up to 40:1 L/D) is hinged for easy access to the screws; simple screw removal device promotes quick and easy cleaning and configuration changes
  • Barrel is constructed in segmented modules that can be reconfigured to suit a variety of polymer processes
  • Replaceable barrel liners can be made from special materials for abrasive or aggressive applications
  • Barrel segments are available for feeding solids and liquids or for venting
  • Secondary feeders and vacuum pumps can also be incorporated into the system
  • Powerful control software is programmed to recognize plug-in ancillaries
  • Large color touch screen interface incorporates on-screen, real-time trend display