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783 Scientific Grade Optical Top

Artikelnr.: 783 -XXX- 12R

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783 Scientific Grade CleanTop Optical Top

Gamma data’s supplier TMC offers three levels of structural damping all of which include the honeycomb core (Click here to learn more about this technique).

Standard Structural Damping- Scientific Grade

An economical alternative for less sensitive applications incorporates out broadband standard dry damping level. The Scientific Grade CleanTop provides a high level of optical top performance with reduced structural damping. Scientific Grade has the same design features as Research Grade including core size and density, CleanTop Cups and all-steel construction with reduced damping. Peak compliance levels for Scientific Grade damping exceed compliance levels of Research Grade damping by a factor of four.

Select Table Dimensions 

Overall table length and width should be determined based on the best suitability at your locations. Consider the space available, the size and mass of the items being placed on top of the table, as well as the overall mass of the entire system for installation purposes. Standard dimensions are available up to 1.5 m. wide to 4.8 m long. Do not hesitate to contact us if a custom size is required.

Overall Top Thickness 

A top length-to-thickness ration of 10:1 is a safe rule of thumb for most applications, although for very sensitive work in severe environments, a ratio of 7:1 may be justified. It should also be kept in mind that while top thickness is proportional to top static rigidity and dynamic natural frequency, it does not directly affect compliance, which is primarily controlled by structural damping. Standard optical tops are available in 20 cm, 30 cm, 46 cm and 61 cm. 

Small 50 mm tops should be supported on uniform flat surfaces, not post mounts. The 100 mm thick tops may be supported on post mounts, but they do not incorporate the same proprietary damping techniques used on our thicker tops. 

It is recommended to work on at least 200 mm thick tops for all sensitive work.

Tapped Holes

Both imperial 1/4-20 tapped holes on 25 mm centers and metric M6 tapped holes on 25 mm centers are offered. Though there is no price difference between tops, imperial tops have imperial overall dimensions while metric tops have metric overall dimensions. The suffix designation determines the type of tapped hole, imperial or metric.

Additionally offered are, imperial 1/4-20 tapped holes on 25 mm staggered centers and metric M6 on 25 mm staggered centers, doubling the number of tapped holes on conventional 25 mm grids. The DoubleDensity™ construction is available with any version of the CleanTop® at a nominal additional fee. 

Size chart

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