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790 Series CleanTop® for Cleanrooms

Artikelnr.: 790 -XXX- 12R

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The ClassOne CleanTop Optical Table Top is Class 100 cleanroom compatible with an all- stainless steel construction and optional 304 alloy stainless steel cups under each drilled and tapped mounting hole (nylon cups are standard).

ClassOne, like all TMC CleanTop optical tables, provides the highest core-density and smallest honeycomb cell area available. Individual cups under each tapped hole are airtight, making the top spill-proof. The ClassOne optical table top is available in a full range of standard and custom sizes and two damping levels.

TMC offers a choice of support stands for its cleanroom-compatible optic table tops, depending on your application. Choose from rigid support or passive pneumatic air vibration isolation for most applications. For more vibration-sensitive work or noisy environments, a TMC active vibration cancellation system may be required.