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The WaveMaster measures the wavelength of both CW and pulsed lasers of any repetition rate. The wavelength can be displayed in GHz, wave numbers, or nanometers, with vacuum and air readings available.

The WaveMaster will read the peak wavelength of sources as wide as 2 nm from 380 nm to
1095 nm. Bandwidths wider than 2 nm can be accommodated at the longer wavelengths.
The WaveMaster is easy to use. Just turn on the readout and get the beam within 10 degrees of normal incidence to the sampling probe. The probe has a 2-meter fiberoptic cable and takes up a minimum of beam path space. Most intensity variances are automatically accommodated, but for the strongest and weakest signals a front panel attenuator adjustment and intensity readout quickly produce accurate readings. No special triggering modes or setups are required for pulse capture.

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