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The pulseSelect is an AOM (acousto-optic modulator) based pulse picker and has been developed for the specific needs of femtosecond and picosecond laser technology.

Low dispersion and exclusive use of reflective optics minimize the distortion of the pulses. The acousto-optical selection allows for a high contrast ratio between the selected und the residual pulses without using further optical elements as well as arbitrary division ratios.

  • Suitable for laser systems with different wavelength ranges
  • Widely variable division ratio up to fREP/2
  • Integrated RF power limit and safety circuit
Wavelength ranges • 680 ... 1080 nm (HP Ti:Sapphire)
• 340 ... 540 nm and 680 ... 1080 nm (dualband Ti:Sapphire and SHG)
• 500 ... 1600 nm (wideband Ag mirrors)
• (other ranges on request)
Diffraction efficiency > 60% (TeO2)1)
> 50 % (SiO2)1)
Contrast ratio > 500 : 12)
Optical input power (PAV) ≤ 0.5 W (TeO2)3)/ ≤ 5 W (SiO2)3)
Input frequency (fREP) 70 ... 85 MHz
(to be specified with 0.5 MHz accuracy at time of order)
Input polarization Linear / horizontal (polarization rotator optional)
  Seed signal with this frequency from a fast photodiode is needed
  (other frequencies on request)
RF carrier frequency 380 MHz
  depending on laser repetition rate
  Single shot up to 3 MHz in external trigger mode
Input polarization Linear / horizontal
Division ratio fREP/20 ...fREP/5000
(fREP/2 ... fREP/260000 optional)
1) Ratio of the diffragted pulse energy to the pulse energy incident into Bragg cell. Measured at 800 nm and division ratio fREP/20. At division ratio fREP/2 the efficiency is typically 25 % (TeO2) and typically 10% (SiO2), repectively.
2) > 500 : 1 applies for non-adjacent pulses. Main pulse to adjacent pulse contrast ratio is > 75 : 1 (@ 800 nm, fREP/20)
3) These values dependend on the laser spot diameter in the crystal and thus apply only for a certain system configuration. Please consult out technical staff to determine the maximum input power level applicable for your laser system.