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Cavity Dumper Kit

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The Cavity Dumper Kit is an acousto-optical switch that is integrated in the cavity of a mode-locked laser system for the reduction of the system’s pulse repetition rate (cavity dumping).

Unlike pulse pickers, which are placed outside the cavity, the intra-cavity operation increases the pulse energy to a multiple of the energy that is reached with simple mode-locked operation of the system. This makes it particularly relevant for nonlinear optical processes like SHG (Second Harmonic Generation) and THG (Third Harmonic Generation).

The Cavity Dumper Kit consists of an acousto-optical Bragg cell to be integrated in the laser cavity and the pulseSwitch control electronics. As an option A·P·E offers a mounting-kit for holding the Bragg cell. The kit comes as a complete package for a simple and fast integration into the laser system. The control electronic generates the RF carrier frequency for the Bragg cell based on a seed input signal with the repetition rate of the mode-locked system. An internal frequency divider allows for division rates between 1:20 and 1:5000 of the seed frequency (optional: 1:2 ... 1:260000). External triggering and therefore single pulse operation is possible, as well. The phase of the RF signal is fine tuned by a phase shifter as a preposition for using the cavity dumper in the more efficient double pass operation.

The active material of the Bragg cell in the modulator is fused silica. Therefore the cavity dumper covers a wide wavelength range with a high optical damage threshold.

The A·P·E Cavity Dumper Kit is suitable for a variety of different Ti:Sapphire-, ion- and dye lasers as well as other laser systems.
Please contact A·P·E GmbH for further information on the different possibilities of application.

  Material fused silicia (SiO2)
  Required beam diameter approx. 50 µm
  Wavelength range 350 ... > 1000 nm, Brewster configuration1)
  Diffraction efficiency > 50%2)
RF Driver
  Seed frequency (fseed)4) 76 (± 0.5) MHz
50 ... 85 MHz (± 0.5) on request
(certain frequencies excluded)
  Output repetition rate single shot ... 3 MHz externally triggered
fseed / 20 ... fseed / 5000 with internal divider
(fseed / 260000 optional) f/2 ... f/2600000
  Carrier Frequency 350 ... 425 MHz3)
  Electronical pulse rise time 2 ns
  Electronical pulse timing jitter < 50 ps
  RF phase shift tuning range > 180°
1) others optional
2) single pass @ 800 nm (varying with wavelength and repetition rate
3) sychronized to seed frequency
4) synchronization signal with the laser repetition rate from a fast photodiode is required