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Artikelnr.: 1110855

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300nJ-600µJ, 1 kHz, 10mm Energy Sensor with MaxBlack coating (RoHS)

The Multipurpose EnergyMax Series comprises six different models that allow measurement over a wide range of wavelengths, beam diameters, average power levels and repetition rates.All these detectors feature Coherent’s unique MaxBlack coating, which offers significantly better damage resistance and mechanical durability characteristics compared to black paints. Multipurpose EnergyMax Series products are also “smart” sensors, and incorporate onboard electronics to automatically correct for ambient temperature, as well as wavelength compensation factors. These sensors are compatible with Coherent LabMax-TOP, FieldMaxII-TOP, FieldMaxII-P meters.

The 25 mm and 50 mm diameter sensors accept an optional heatsink, which can be easily attached by the user to extend energy and/or repetition rate range.Specifically, these heat sinks allow 25 mm sensors to be used up to 15 W average power, and 50 mm sensors to be used up to 24 W average power.

Energy Range 300 nJ - 600 µJ
Noise Equivalent Energy <20 nJ
Wavelength Range (µm) 0.19-12
Active Area Diameter (mm) 10
Maximum Average Power (W) 4
Maximum Pulse Width (µs) 17
Maximum Rep. Rate (pps) 1000
Maximum Energy Density (mJ/cm2) 500 (@1064nm, 10ns)
Detector Coating MaxBlack
Diffuser No
Calibration Wavelength (nm) 1064
Calibration Uncertainty (%) +/- 2%
Energy Linearity (%) +/- 3%
Cable Length (m) 2.5
Cable Type J DB-25
Part Number 1110855