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UV Continuously Variable

Most cameras are too sensitive for direct viewing of laser beams. For example, a typical diagnostics camera saturates at only ~0.5 µW/cm² power density (at ~633 nm) or ~9 nJ/cm² (at 1060 nm) pulsed energy density. If the camera has an electronic shutter, it can be used for some beam attenuation, but there is more flexibility in using optical attenuation.

Attenuation selection for cameras is an easy process. Attenuation is selected on the basis of power density in W/cm² or energy density in J/cm². The attenuation from the camera's LDFP (Low-Distortion Face Plate) will allow an average power density of up to 1.2 mW/cm². After that, there are only two more steps to attenuation selection:

1. Choose either the VARM or the C-VARM for up to 1 W/cm². 

2. In addition, or alternatively, use a BCUBE beamsplitter module to pick-off between 5% and 20% of the beam (depending on polarization and wavelength).