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Agentase C2

Artikelnr.: KD3100-001CIDAS, KD3300-001, KD3100-200

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  • Detects sub-microgram levels of chemical agents within five minutes and reveals exact location of agent on surface

FLIR Agentase C2 chemical agent disclosure spray (ADS) is the most sensitive detection technology available. It complements electronic sensors by providing the ability to map chemical agent contamination for emergency response missions, as well as aid in the decontamination of personnel or equipment after exposure to CWAs, specifically nerve agents (G- & V-series) and sulfur mustard (HD). Agentase C2 can be used at many stages of the hazard management process to minimize spread of contamination.

Application Time: Handheld Applicator: 30 seconds/m² Backpack Applicator: <3 minutes / HMMWV Cart-Based Applicator: <3 minutes / HMMWV
Technology: Enzymes
Threats: Enzyme formulations include: nerve agent (V- & G-series) and blister agent (HD); training disclosure spray also available

Cold Weather Additive: Lowers operating temp of nerve agent and training formulations to -20 °C
Life Expectancy: 12 hr operational pot-life once prepared; 8 hrs at 40°C; shelf-life >3 yrs when stored below 25 °C
Operating Conditions: The response must be read under white light (standard) or UV-light (fluorescent additive and forensic version)
Operating Temp & Humidity: Nerve agent and training formulation: 0 to 45 °C; blister agent formulation: -5 to 45°C, 0-100%
Storage Temperature: Store at room temp out of direct sunlight; product expiration is indicated by temp-time indicator on packaging
Waste: Dispose in accordance with local policies for non-hazardous aqueous waste
Water Source: Handheld applicator: water included; large-scale consumable:tap water ≤250 ppm calcium carbonate and treated for chlorine (chlorine treatment included)

Setup Time: Handheld Applicator:<5 minutes, Large-Scale Consumable Kit:<15 minutes
Spray Volume: Handheld Applicator: 0.5 liter Large-Scale, Consumable Kit: 7,5 liter
Surface Compatibility: Large variety of materials, won't degrade sensitive surfaces
Surface Coverage: Handheld Applicator: 5-7m², Large-Scale Consumable Kit: 75-120m², 2-3 HMMW Vs
Weight: Handheld Applicator: Max 0,54 kg, Large-Scale Consumable Kit: 1,2kg

Cold Start Time: <3 mins
Power: Handheld Applicator: N/A Backpack Applicator: Compressed air, 4000 psi SCBA or hand powered versions available Cart-Based Applicator: Compressed air, 4000 psi SCBA, 120 psi compressor, LMTV compatible