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NEW - Phenom ParticleX Multi-purpose desktop SEM


Phenom ParticleX

Multi-purpose desktop SEM enabling purity and cleanliness at the microscale




A growing number of parts, additives and raw materials manufacturers are realizing the benefits of establishing scanning electron microscopy (SEM) in-house. Switching from outsourcing to in-house quality analysis makes a broad range of automated SEM analyses possible without the need to share confidential and valuable R&D data with third parties.Timely information is a prerequisite for lean manufacturing. And so is reducing in-house stock levels. The Thermo Scientific™ Phenom™ ParticleX is a desktop SEM solution that makes testing and particle characterization up to 10 times faster than outsourcing. 

To support quality control professionals, the Phenom ParticleX comes in two models: the Phenom ParticleX AM for Additive Manufacturing and the Phenom ParticleX TC for Technical Cleanliness.