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WEBINAR: An Innovative Compositional Depth Profiling Technique



Event Overview

Plasma Profiling TOFMS (PP-TOFMS) is a novel technique for material characterization that provides ultra-fast and direct elemental composition as a function of depth. We will show you through numerous examples the potential of PP-TOFMS for the development of your thin films and devices, from growth to processing.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Become familiar with the essential characteristics of this technique (speed, sensitivity, resolution)
  • Learn how PP-TOFMS will be complementary to your current chemical profiling techniques (XPS, SIMS, SEM-EDX, RBS)
  • Demonstrate how useful PP-TOFMS can be as a quick, close-loop process tool 

Who Should Attend?

  • Academic material research scientists and R&D engineers working in semiconductors, microelectronics, photonics, photovoltaics
  • Metrology managers and engineers, surface scientists, XPS, SIMS, AES users