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Direct SPR-MS Analysis on a Single Biochip


Fully characterise your interactions using SPRi coupled to Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry (MALDI-MS) while increasing your candidate throughput for applications like ligand fishing.

In collaboration with the CLIPP proteomic platform, HORIBA Scientific offer you the opportunity to identify and quantify many spatially resolved samples in a multiplex format.

The CLIPP platform and HORIBA Scientific, strengthened by recent progress in SPRi-MS coupling, are working together for the clinical validation of a SPRi-MS platform. From this strategic partnership a CIFRE research fellow has been contracted, and the following benefits are expected: technological advances in nano/micro-technologies adapted to biochips, automation of on-chip MS analyses and development of bio-statistical tools dedicated to this platform.

SPRi bild









  • Label-free detection of biomolecular interactions
  • Multiplexed binding characterization
  • Simple transfer of the SPRi micro-array biochip to MS (no elution step)
  • Direct MS and MS/MS analysis on the SPRi micro-array biochip

MS analysis is directly performed on the SPRi biochip thanks to our compatible proprietary surface chemistry (developed with LAMBE, UMR 8587 CNRS). The CS surface chemistry avoids non-specific binding on the surface of the biochip and facilitates subsequent MS analysis.

SPRi Plex II
The SPRi-PlexII™ system provides automated monitoring of up to 400 biomolecular interactions occurring upon the functionalized surface of the SPRi Biochip. The interaction between the ligands and the analytes can be studied rapidly and reliably with minimal user intervention.
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A video clip describing MultiPlex label-Free interaction analysis platform is found on Gammadata’s homepage.

Additional information is found on HORIBA’s dedicated web page for Label-free Biomolecular Interaction Analysis using Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging