Luxium Solutions is providing high-quality Scintillation materials with superior resolution and advanced photo-sensor integration for ionizing radiation detection: Alpha, Beta, Neutrons, Gamma Rays, X-rays.

Luxium Solutions provides radiation detection materials and advanced photo-sensor integration for ionizing radiation detection. These scintillation detectors convert high energy radiation, gamma or X-rays, or particles such as neutrons into usable information for measurement, evaluation or imaging. 

Whether you are looking for gamma or neutron detection or both in one single crystal, Luxium Solutions has superior resolution with detector integration to be used in a variety of applications including medical imaging, health physics, homeland security, industrial sensing, oil exploration and research applications. 

  • Offering a range of scintillation materials for radiation detection solutions:
    • NaIL and CLLB Neutron-Gamma dual detection materials
    • LYSO with 36ns decay time
    • LaBr3(Ce+Sr) with FWHM 2.2% at 662 KeV
    • Inorganic scintillators: NaI(Tl), LaBr, BGO, CsI, CdWO4
    • Organic scintillators:  solid plastic (BC-408), liquid (BC-501A), fibers (BCF-12)

With 90 years of combined expertise from Bicron, Harshaw, Crismatec and Saint Gobain Crystals production facilities in the USA, France and India, Luxium Solutions has the capabilities for innovative system integrators who are looking for a reliable and responsive partner who can enable the creation of products.