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Penpoint Markers

Part number: PP-057-100U, PP-057-200U

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  • Pen to mark a point or region at SPECT studies

The Penpoint Marker is used to mark a point or regions at SPECT studies. The trace appears almost instantly on the gamma camera display. The Penpoint Markers contain 100 μCi of Co-57 at the end of an anodized aluminum rod. The pen-shaped rod screws into a brass cap which shields the active point. Contained activity is as nominal value ±15%.

Pen Marker Co-57, 3,7 MBq (100 μCi) = 0975-P054, PP-057-100U (RV-057-100U)
Pen Marker Co-57, 7,4 MBq (200 μCi) = 0975-P05X, PP-057-200U (RV-057-200U)