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Geometry Sources - Isotrak

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Mixed or single radionuclide solutions from Isotrak are incorporated homogeneously into a plastic resin which is then poured into the container and allowed to set. The active resin is normally covered by a layer of inactive resin. A lid is fixed to the container to make a sealed, solid, source. Gas equivalent sources are prepared by combining the active solution with plastic foam

Standard geometries 
- 1 litre Marinelli beakers (own Geometry)
- 1 litre plastic bottles (own Geometry) 
- Marinelli beakers (type GA-MA) 
- Simulated filters 
- Simulated gas standards (type GA-MA) 

- 0,02 g/cm³ gas equivalent 1 atm
- 0,1 g/cm³ gas equivalent 10 atm
- 0,2 g/cm³ gas equivalent 20 atm
- 0,5-0,6 g/cm³ gas equivalent to granulated charcoal
- 0,97 g/cm³ water equivalent
- Any density 0,1 - 3,0 g/cm³
- Other densities on request