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Vial Shield with lead glass window

Part number: VS214MG, VS216MG, VS214SG, VS216SG

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  • Vial shield, with window
  • 4 or 6 mm
  • Magnetic or sliding septum cap

Vial shields in 4 or 6 mm tungsten which holds vials up to 10 ml. The top and bottom caps of the shield can be completely removed by twisting to insert the vial. The lead glass viewing window enables you to view the contents of the vial without taking it out of the shield. The outside of our vial shields are made from anodized aluminum for easy decontamination and cleaning. The anodized layer can be produced in multiple colors to function as color coding.

Finishing material: Anodized aluminum (for optimization of decontamination)
Shielding material: Tungsten
Shielding thickness: 4/6 mm
Viewing window: Lead glass 5,2 density (53 x 14 x 10 mm)
Outside dimensions: 49 x 85 mm / 50 x 91 mm (diameter x height)
Inside dimensions: 27 x 61 mm (diameter x height)
Weight: 1,22 Kg / 1,72 Kg