Lead Castles for gamma spectroscopy

Gammadata supplies a wide range of lead castles for use in conjunction with semi-conductor for low background measurements. The lead castles are available with activity of Pb-210 less then 50 Bq/kg or even 5 Bq/kg. The liners are made of cupper/tin, perspex or cadmium.

Three versions available: cylindrical with top opening, cylindrical with front opening and rectangular with front opening. Each model is available in several sizes and dimensions.


Square VG-BB-98/23B

Square Lead Castle with two sliding doors in front

Lid on top GDM12/GDM15

Desktop Lead castle in stainless shield with lid-on-top assembly. GDM12 ~ 65 kg lead pellets with 50 mm thickness equivalent with 30 mm compact lead GDM15 ~ 102 kg lead pellets...

Sliding lids for HPGe

Part number: VG-BB-98-19A

Part number: VG-BB-98-19A Cylindrical Lead Castle with two sliding lids on top suitable for HPGe. It's made of carefully selected lead generally with an activity of 210 Pb less than 50 Bq/kg or...

Lid on top VG-BB-98/14B

Lead Castle with lid on top which can be turned

Cylindrical lead castle VG-BB-98/1B1

Cylindrical Lead Castle for NaI-detectors with lid on top which can be taken off.

Front door VG-BB-98-22B1

Lead Castle with one sliding door in front

Lead Bricks

Varnished lead bricks provide a mobile, cheap and simple solution for protection from radiation exposure. We can also customize the lead to suit your application. Please contact Gammadata for further...