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Part number: NOM002653, NOM004238, NOM004267, NOM004268

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  • Unbeaten performance for heavy shielded and unbalanced Special Nuclear Material masking scenarios
  • Self energy-stabilized without any source
  • External alpha and beta contamination probes
  • Mapping capability
  • Live data transmission and Reachback capability
  • Remote display and control through a web page
  • Optional - version Compatible with any Android Smartphone, application available on Google Play Store.

SPIR-Ace is a Radionuclide Identification Device (RID) addressing all applications requiring nuclide identification with handheld instruments. The SPIR-Ace offers identification performance beyond current standards for RIDs such as for heavily shielded isotopes, unbalanced mixtures of nuclides and Special Nuclear Material (SNM) masked by medicals or Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM). It's user-friendly with good features such as easy localization with directional indication, geo-localization and remote data transfer to a command center.

Available with NaI or LaBr3 detector and optional neutron detector.

Spir-Ace - with smart phone as display
Spir-Spec - with GenieXPort 
SpirREPLAY - software for centralization, visualization and mapping
SpirVIEW Mobile - real time supervision
GMP-25 alpha/beta probe