Backpack systems

These are highly sensitive, lightweight Backpack Radiation Detectors which can perform wide-area searches quickly and efficiently while offering exceptional sensitivity.


Part number: NOM002566, NOM002568, NOM002570

Part number: NOM002566, NOM002568, NOM002570 The SPIR-Pack is a backpack device which provides discrete search and identification of radiological and nuclear materials. It is also a powerful tool for mapping of contaminated areas that may be difficult to access by vehicle.

Identifinder R700

IdentiFINDER R700 Backpack Radiation Detector (BRD) offers a hands-free capability radiological search and Identification. The R700 can be placed for stationary monitoring at temporary screening locations. When coupled with radiation monitoring software, the identiFINDER R700 can be used as a fixed-site monitoring tool.