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LYNX-II - Digital Signal Analyzer

Part number: LYNX-II

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• Front panel LCD

• Cybersecurity features built on a Linux platform

• Integrated rack mountable MCA based on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology

• Two groups of 32k channel conversion gain/spectral memory

• Operates in pulse height analysis (PHA), multichannel scaling (MCS), dual
channel loss free counting (LFC), multispectral scaling (MSS) and timestamped list modes

• Superior count rate and temperature stability

• Flexible range of processing time parameters for precise match
to application requirements

• 10/100/1000 Base TX Ethernet and USB On-the-Go (OTG) for fast,
convenient industry-standard communications

• Full complement of control and signal input/output interfaces

• Three HVPS ranges to support detectors with low, medium or high
bias requirements

• Advanced auto pole/zero US Patent #7725281, baseline restoration and
digital stabilization capability

• Adjustable digital signal delay, input signal delay, and coincidence
window for advanced coincidence timing applications

• Advanced Coincidence counting modes store both original full spectrum
and gated spectrum for complete traceability and data control

• Multiple trace analog and digital oscilloscope to ensure easy setup
and maintenance

• Full-featured support through Genie™ 2000/Apex® spectroscopy software

• Optional software development kit with examples

• Password-protected built-in web server interface allows easy and remote
access to spectral display and status, acquisition control, instrument
setup, and diagnostics

The Lynx II DSA is the most advanced, full-featured Multichannel Analyzer ever offered. It is a 32k channel integrated signal analyzer based on advanced digital signal processing (DSP) techniques. When paired with the computer of choice, the Lynx II unit becomes a complete spectroscopy workstation capable of the highest quality acquisition and analysis. The instrument supports a wide range of spectroscopy detector technologies such as HPGe, Si(Li), PIPS®, X-PIPS™, CdTe, Cd(Zn)Te applications and virtually all scintillation detectors used for gamma
spectroscopy. It also supports the unique energy ranges of all these detectors from 1 keV and up.

This highly integrated instrument incorporates front-end signal conditioning, a fast digitizing analog-to-digital converter (ADC), programmable digital filters, digital oscilloscope, automatic pole/zero US Patent #7725281 and baseline restorer, digital fast discriminator, two groups of 32k channel spectral memory, digital stabilizer and a triple-range HVPS – all in a small, compact package. The front panel LCD and rear panel lighted indicators alert the user to power, acquisition, communication, high voltage
and count rate status.