Electronics and Power Modules

Gammadata is a long standing partner to the subnuclear, nuclear and atomic&molecular research communities, maintaining a steady commitment and track record of reliability for more than 30 years. We provide products which have become the standard for many research laboratories as well as providing state-of-the-art electronic solutions. Our suppliers and partners often prove their skills by providing the market novel front-line technology.

ADC - QDC - Digitizers - TDC - MCA - Amplifiers - Discriminators - Logics - Scalers - Triggers - Counters - Timing - Controllers - Translators - I/ORegisters - Sequenser - Bridges - Attenuators - Preamplifiers - ReadOut - Crates - LowVoltagePowerSupplies - HighVoltagePowerSupplies

NIM - VME - CAMAC - VXI - VXS - Desktop

Please contact us for further information regarding this very broad product line, or alternatively follow the links below for complete information from our suppliers.