TLD - Thermoluminescent Dosimeter

Thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLD) offer the versatility to be used in all radiation environments by providing precise response to a variety of radiation types. TLD dosimeters also offer the advantage of long wear periods due to their resistance to environmental factors such as heat and humidity.

RE 2000A - TLD reader full automatic

Part number: 1235-138

Part number: 1235-138 RE 2000A is a universal, low cost and high precision TLD-reader for automatic processing of dosimeter cards  and single TLD chips.  The photon counting method used over the whole measurement range provides an excellent signal to noise ratio for the measurement.

RE 2000S - TLD reader semi-automatic

Part number: 1235-155

Part number: 1235-155 RE-2000S is a universal, low cost and high precision  TLD-reader for semi automatic processing of dosimeter cards  and single TLD chips.  The photon  counting  method  used  over the whole measurement range  provides  an excellent signal to noise ratio for the measurement.

TLD Cube - TLD Reader manual

Part number: TLD Cube 400

Part number: TLD Cube 400 TLD Cube is a small, lightweight and portable TLD Reader for measuring, analyzing and evaluating of thermoluminescent materials. Modern design and software combine easy operation and excellent performance in this newly developed reader. The ceramic heater with defined nitrogen cooling in the rotating drawer accepts all standard TLD shapes.

IR-2000 TLD irradiator

Part number: 1235-139

Part number: 1235-139 The Mirion Dosimeter Irradiator IR-2000 has been designed for calibration of the Mirion TL- based dose control system. The instrument is used for sensitivity calibration of the system, for system linearity checking and for individual sensitivity calibration of the TL- material in use.

IR-200 TLD irradiator

Part number: 1241-214

Part number: 1241-214 The TLD Irradiator IR-200 is a multi-purpose irradiation system with automatic drawer. The device requires only little space on the table. It is used for calibration purposes of TLD elements or TLD cards.

TLD Heat - own

Part number: 1342-500

Part number: 1342-500 The TLD annealing oven TLD Heat has specially been developed for thermoluminescent dosimetry. It is used for the annealing of TLDs before irradiation and for preheating after irradiation and before reading by a TLD reader.

TL Dosimeter for RE-2000 Readers

The TLD thermoluminescence dosimeter with high sensitive TL-materials and low noise photon counting measurement method makes the system suitable for environmental dosimetry and accurate personal dosimetry. The badge design allows the exchange of filter materials, filter thickness and TL materials.

EYE-D - Eye TL Dosimeter Hp(3)

Part number: 1235-410

Part number: 1235-410 EYE-D allows for precise measurements of radiation doses to eye lens, also in case when protective glasses are used.

Finger dosimeter

This flexible plastic finger ring with self-securing-lock system is comfortable to wear and usable under surgical gloves. It is used with standard TLD disks or chips and marked with bar code and number. Two types are available.

Albedo Neutron Dosimeter With TLD Cards

Albedo neutron dosimeters measure indirect neutrons, scattered by the human body, creating a neutron flux of thermal and albedo neutrons at the surface of the body. They have been found to be the only dosimeters which can measure doses due to neutrons over the whole range of energies.


Part number: 1235-003, 1235-153

Part number: 1235-003, 1235-153 The Slide holdes the TLD-pellets in place. The slides are available for bar codes or hole codes. Both type of slides can be read in the RE2000.


Holders are available as

Old version - with filters in colors red, black, green, blue and white
Old version - without filters in colors red, black, green, blue and white

New version - without filters.


Part number: 1235-103, 1235-170

Part number: 1235-103, 1235-170 The dosimeter cover is holding the slideholder in place. It's available in diffrent versions to be compatible with your old set of slides and holders. Available versions

Dosimeter cover without bulb as filter, old. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Wrist dosimeter

Part number: 1235-401

Part number: 1235-401 Wrist dosimeter cover with strap

TLD Pellets

TLD materials as pellets in the form of solid pellets of 4,5 mm diameter and 0,9 mm thickness. Other dimensions possible on request. MTS-N, MTS-6, MTS-7
this is LiF:Mg,Ti doped based on natural Litium (MTS-6 is based on enriched Li-6 nad MTS-7 on enriched Li-7 for improved neutron response).

TLD - handling accessories

Part number: 1241-213

Part number: 1241-213 Accurate handling and storage of TLD elements avoids contamination or mechanical damage of the material.  Typical handling devices are vacuum tweezers and storage dish. For oven annealing the storage and annealing tray is used.