Dose Record Management Software

Working in conjunction with access control hardware such as kiosks or turnstiles, Dose Record Management Software can be used to easily manage and maintain a large population of dosimeters, keeping active databases of transactions and dose records for each wearer.

- Easily maintained single database of dose and wearer data across a population of dosimeters.
- Customizable to meet the needs of specific situations or locations.
- Configuration and verification of dosimeters being issued.

DMC User - Reader Software

Part number: 154646

Part number: 154646 Compatible with readers LDM320W, LDM 320D and LDM 220.


Part number: 135380

Part number: 135380 Price worthy software for users of DMC 3000 dosimeters, who would like to administrate the dosimetry and keep record of employees. Suitable for the smaller offices with less than 50 users.


Part number: 135379

Part number: 135379 The DOSISERV software is an individual and collective dosimetry management software.


Part number: NOM001357

Part number: NOM001357 DosiFFR is a perfect solution for first responder, hazmat team, medical or industrial users looking for a user-friendly approach to configure and deploy dosimeters based on specific mission requirements.  DosiFFR is a streamlined dosimetry management software designed to meet the needs of medium size organization or deployable systems.