Wireless Monitoring

Gammadata offer standard and customized solution for wireless monitoring in areas where wired installation will be a problem i.e. off shore or the nuclear industry.


Part number: BAK-1090, BAK-1098

Part number: BAK-1090, BAK-1098 The DRM-2 is a GM tube-based wide range Area Monitor with display. It has been designed specifically to be used as a fixed monitor in varying dose rate fields using two sensitive, auto switching GM tubes. The DRM’s detector features a linear response from 0,1 µSv/h to 10 Sv/h.

WRM2 - Wireless Remote Monitoring System

Part number: WINWRM2

Part number: WINWRM2 WRM2 is a teledosimetry system. This compact, robust system provides unparalleled features for wireless personnel and area monitoring, and increases worker awareness of radiological environments through enhanced alarm indications.

AWM - Adaptive Wireless Monitor

Part number: WR3-A014

Part number: WR3-A014 The AWM Adaptive Wireless Monitor is a dynamic new wireless remote monitor system that now represents an ALL-in-ONE solution for nuclear industry remote monitoring. This compact system can be deployed as a base station, MESH repeater, external transmitter device, active dive repeater, etc.

WinWRM2 - Remote Monitoring Software

Part number: 133782

Part number: 133782 WinWRM2 is designed for on-line monitoring of radiation detection devices from Mirion, providing a live display of dose and dose rates information from electronic dosimeters, portable instruments and continous air monitors.

Teleview 3000

Part number: SWS-0004

Part number: SWS-0004 TeleView 3000 is Mirion’s flagship Remote Monitoring application. Completely redesigned for the next generation of Radiation Protection support, it builds upon the familiar features expected from Remote Monitoring software (e. g. worker grouping by RWP, automatic worker logon via Access Control link, area monitor grouping, etc.

RDS-32iTx SD

Part number: 1233-330

Part number: 1233-330 RDS-32iTx SD is a small handheld, battery operated survey instrument using a silicon diode as primary detector. RDS-32iTx SD features nice ergonomics; light weight and easy handling, with visual and audible alarms and internal vibrator.


Part number: 1233-325

Part number: 1233-325 RDS-31iTx is  is a multi-purpose survey meter using an energy compensated GM-tube as primary detector. It is wireless ready, utilizing the WRM² communication protocol.  Several diffrent probes can be connected to measures alpha, beta and gamma even in very high dose rates.