Light Detection & Characterization

Laser Measurement and control: Whether you need to test the wavelength or the pulse length of your laser, Gammadata Instrument will help you find the right Laser Measurement & Control equipment to characterize your source.

Photoreceivers: includes a photodiode, transimpedance amplifier (current to voltage amplifier), and additional electronics to bring the low light level of your experiment to a usable voltage level for further analysis.

Current Amplifiers, also called transimpedance amplifiersamplifies the input current to a voltage by a fixed factor and feeds it to the succeeding circuit. 

Voltage Amplifiers, takes care of the low voltage signal associated with transimpedance amplifers and amplifies it to a level that can be used in further analysis

GHz Wideband Amplifiers, ideal for ultra-fast detectors. These can be used as current amplifiers (transimpedance amplifier) after the photodiode or as voltage amplifier.

Lock-In Amplifiers, to extract your low level signal from a noisy background