OSL and TLD - Dosimetry service

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Gammadata offers a dosimetry service offers a variety of personal dosimeters for whole boy, eye lens, extremity and area measurements. The badges are based OSL and TLD tabletts for occupational safety measurement. The dosimeter service is a subscription and include the dosimeter, read-outs and reporting of the result to the customers and national dose registries. It has accreditation from radiation authorities world wide, for instance the Swedish authority SSM and SSMFS 2018:9.

Find our general terms for our dosimetry service D89 - Gammadatas General Terms for Dosimetry service (in Swedish) 

OSL Whole Body Dosemeter Hp(10) + Hp(0.07)

Part number: AWST-OSL-GD01

Part number: AWST-OSL-GD01 The dosimeter is based on OSL technology (optically stimulated luminescence) which is read with light stimulation. The technology is insensitive to external parameters such as dust, heat or humidity. It is important that the enclosure (blister) remains intact during the measurement period.

OSL Eye Lens Dosemeter Hp(3)

Part number: AWST-OSL-AD01

Part number: AWST-OSL-AD01 The dosemeter badge is approved by several Radiation Safety Authority, such as PTB and SSM. It measure the dose to the eye's lens according to Hp(3).

OSL Ring Dosemeter Hp(0.07)

Part number: AWST-OSL-TD 01

Part number: AWST-OSL-TD 01 Ring dosimeter badge for Hp(0. 07) measurements, consisting of a numbered dosimeter cover and an BeO detector. Made of black plastic.

TLD Ring Dosemeter Hp(0.07) Beta

Part number: AWST-TL-TD70

Part number: AWST-TL-TD70 Ring extremity dosemeter for Hp(0. 07) measurements, consisting of a numbered dosimeter cover and an TLD pellet detector. Made of blue plastic with dosemeter ID on the strap.

TLD Albedo Dosemeter Photon + Neutron Hp(10)

Part number: AWST-TL-GD04

Part number: AWST-TL-GD04 The TLD (thermoluminescence) albedo dosimeter is a whole body dosimeter for photons and neutrons Hp(10).  Four lithium fluoride chips are fixed between PTFE on a bar-coded aluminum card.

OSL Background and Area Dosemeter H*(10)

Part number: AWST-OSL-OD01

Part number: AWST-OSL-OD01 Background dosemeter for ambient measurement H*(10), consisting of 2 OSL elements in a weatherproof plastic casing. The dosemeter can be used to determine the background radiation e. g.