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RDS-100P full kit

Part number: RDS-100P

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  • Compatible with existing AN/PDR-77 probes
  • Designed to meet requirements of Mil-STD-810
  • Outstanding linearity over a wide dynamic range
  • Can be operated and read while wearing fire or hazmat protective clothing
  • Will not ignite explosive atmospheres – intrinsically safe
  • Waterproof to 1 m
  • Background Subtract feature
  • Electronic filter to reduce fluctuations in readings
  • Built-in RS-232 interface
  • Lowest life cycle costs due to calibration stability and semi automatic self calibration

The RDS-100P Radiation Detection System offers comprehensive radiation portable system. This simple to operate, rugged, and lightweight equipment combines unequaled performance and reliability.

Includes our unique Time-to-Count technique which provides outstanding linearity over the entire dynamic dose rate range of the instrument – no compensation for high levels is necessary. The beta-gamma probe is ideal for estimating the irradiation risk while the alpha, X-ray, optional beta pancake and µR probes are dedicated to perform any contamination survey and frisking. It can be used for weapon surveillance, nuclear accident, and incident response and assistance (NAIRA) applications. It may also be used for routine monitoring for health and safety. The RDS-100P unit is the single board upgrade of the AN/PDR-77 radiacmeter. It is functionally compatible with the AN/PDR-77 unit, including compatibility with all AN/PDR-77 probes. The RDS-100P system has additional features such as an RS-232 serial port for computer communication and control.

Full Kit includes meter; beta-gamma, alpha, and x-ray Smart probes; and carry pouch, headset, volume control, pelican case, and accessories