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MBD-2 dosimeter

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  • Accurate and reliable Direct Ion Storage technology
  • Hybrid device (active and passive)
  • Self-reading for effective decision making
  • Hands-free operation
  • Programmable display
  • NFC and BLE communication
  • Wrist worn or clipped to lanyard or garment
  • Internal Histogram with non-volatile memory
  • Pulsed-xray measurements to 65 nsec pulses
  • Field Replaceable Main & Internal Batteries

MBD-2 (Military Battlefield Dosimeter) dosimeter is a real-time, self-indicating device. It measures and records dose for gamma and neutron. It's based upon the patented Direct Ion Storage (DIS) technology.

The design makes best use of the benefits of passive radiation detection with active, self-reading and recording functionality. The battery powered system includes on-board digital processing to provide dose measurement on an integrated LCD display. 
The passive radiation detectors are continuously responsive to radiation, with or without the field-replaceable main battery. The internal electronics provide digital memory, data logging, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless  communication, Near Field Communication (NFC) and on-board diagnostic testing. All data reside in non-volatile memory, so there is never any danger of losing stored data or configuration settings on battery failure. The diagnostics measure and display battery condition and fault conditions of the device. The user will know when their  device is working and when it requires attention.