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RAM GENE-1 Simulated Contamination

Artikkelnr.: STS 812

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  • Simulate contamination measurement with RAM GENE-1
  • Perfekt tool for training of staff

The STS 812 consists of a real Rotem Ram Gene with added STS electronics STS. The instrument detects the gas given off by the STS simulant, which has been applied to the surface to be monitored. This “radiation” may be detected by passing the instrument close to and slowly over the surface, as would be done with a real Ram Gene when used by a skilled operator. Too fast, or too far away results in no detection – excellent training!

Cross contamination can easily be demonstrated, as can decontamination – both benefits of using a “real” contamination, even if not radioactive. The contamination lasts at room temperature for 1-2 hours but totally evaporates within 24hrs leaving the training area ready for the next exercise.

The STS 812 is an almost exact replica of the real Ram Gene which is a popular contamination monitor in Scandinvaia.