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Strålingskilder for demo og funksjonskontroll - Isotrak

Artikkelnr.: CDRB18308, CDRB8151

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  • Alpha, beta and gamma check source
  • Low energy check source
  • Neutron source
  • Oil logging source
  • Stainless steel encapsulated source

All radiation detection instruments should be checked daily to ensure that they are working correctly. The sources in this section from Isotrak, offer a cost-effective and convenient method to perform functionality checks. These sources are uncalibrated and can only be used for checking that the instrument is operating correctly and is stable.

Each source is supplied with a certificate which states the nominal activity and leakage test results.

CDRB18308 = 370 kBq of Cs-137 (VZ-2297-001). Nominal certificate. ISO/12/C23312

CDRB8151 = 74 kBq of Cs-137 (drawing VZ-2297-001). EZN certificate
AMRB8151 = 74 kBq of Am-241 (drawing VZ-2297-001). EZN certificate
CKRB8151 = 74 kBq of Co-60 (drawing VZ-2297-001). EZN certificate
SKRB8151 = 74 kBq of Na-22 (drawing VZ-2297-001). EZN certificate
SIRB8151 = 74 kBq of Sr-90 (drawing VZ-2297-001). EZN certificate

Storage container (drawing VZ-2583-001)

Set 1 (4 sources)
QCRB8149 = Consist of Am-241, Co-60, Na-22, Sr-90 = 74 kBq/each.

Set 2 (5 sources)
QCRB7471 = Consist of Am-241, Co-60, Na-22, Sr-90, Cs-137 = 74 kBq/each.

Set 3 (single + mixed)
QCRB17290 = Consist of Am-241, Co-60, Na-22, Sr-90 = 74 kBq/each + mixed Am-241/Sr-90/Cs-137 = 342 kBq/totally in mix