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Strålkilder for alfaspektroskopi - Isotrak

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  • Alpha spectroscopy sources
  • 1" diameter
  • Activity 7 mm
  • No window

The Isotrak alpha standards are manufactured to a tolerance of +/-30% of the nominal activity. Calibrated single nuclide sources are supplied with a DAkkS certificate stating alpha particle emission rate and activity.

Possible nuclides


The radionuclides are deposited onto a stainless steel disc, 25mm in diameter, 0.5mm thick. The ragents are ultra pure resulting in a massless deposit.


Calibrated single nuclide sources are supplied with a DKD certificate stating alpha particle emission rate and activity. Triple nuclide sources are designed for energy calibration applications.


The reported uncertainty is providing a level of confidence of 95%. The expanded uncertainty of the emission rate for a calibrated single nuclide is < 3%

Recommendations on source handling

To maintain the accuracy of measurements, these sources must be handled with care. Sources should be handled with tweezers to avoid leaving grease on the surface of the source, which would degrade the spectrum. The sources must not be cleaned with abrasive compounds such as metal polish, as this would remove the active deposit. 


The maximum deviation of the activity is 30%