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Artikkelnr.: BAK-4384

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  • Multi Probe Area Monitor
  • Network (POE) / RS-485 / Wireless connection
  • Saves radiation data for up to 1 month
  • Supports 1 internal and 3 external detectors
  • Large Display: up to 4 detectors simultaneously

DPU-3 is a multiple detector based dose rate meter, capable of supporting one internal gamma detector and three external detectors. Supporting combined telemetry of the WRM2 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz FHSS radio. The DPU-3 is designed for highly stable and accurate dose rate measurements from different types of detectors. Either Wall or Tabletop mounted, the DPU-3 can be powered directly from any AC source or Powered through POE.

The RMVC Software is used to configure (RMV) and calibrate (RMC) the DRM family of detectors.

Use in combination with Medismart software

Supports following probes;
GM - Wide range gamma
GM - High range gamma
GX - Low range gamma
AMP-300 - High range gamma
Neutron detector - Ludlum 42-30 or Berthold LB 6411
IC-10 - Ion chamber
GM-10 Low energy gamma

Display: 7" color
Internat detector: Wide Range GM-tube
Battery backup: 24h
I/O: 3 external detectors, serial RS-485 or Digital pulse or Analog pulse
   AUX connector D-type 26 pin: RS-485 and 4-20mA and external power 24V and optional light tower and dry contact
   RJ-45: Ethernet Cable
Alarm: High volume buzzer, color display
Telemetry: WRM2
Dimension: 230 x 76 x 252 mm
Weight: 1,7 kg
Power consumption: up to 14W with three detectors and flow meter supported