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Artikkelnr.: 5250-0022

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  • 8" touch color screen LCD
  • Low and high alarm levels
  • Data logging stored on Area Monitor readout
  • Email alert via SMPT protocol
  • Ethernet
  • 12 h battery backup

CAP-RAD Smart Area Monitor is network ready, with large easy to read display. Designed for medical, industrial, and research facilities, the system can be accessed and controlled remotely by any PC or mobile device connected to your network through a web browser.
Optional RAD MON Monitoring Software is available for remote viewing and analysis. The program automatically monitors multiple units via network scan. Alarm states can also be communicated remotely through the networked software program, or via email directly to your safety officer.

Detector Type: Energy Compensated Geiger-Müller (option additional GM-tube for extended range)
Display: 8" Color LCD Touch
Units: μSv/h
Measurement range: 1 µSv/h - 10 mSv/h
Sensitivity: N/A
Response Time: 1 to 3 s for the 90% of the actual value
Alarm: two programmable alarm levels
Battery Life: 12 hours in no alarm conditions
Monitoring: Done RAD MON software
Data Output: Ethernet, USB
Power: 1~230 V or PoE
External Relay: 3 relays. Max current 3A.
Working Environment: 0 to + 60C, 0 to 90% RH
Mount: Wall mount type
Dimension: 16 x 22 x 6 cm
Weight: 1.8 kg