Gammadata tilbyr alle tenkelige strålekilder for sykehus og medisinsk bruk.

Vial sources-no

Hver strålekilde blir levert med et sertifikat og er aktivitetsbestemt innen 5%. Nøyaktigheten er god nok for kvalitetssikring av dosekalibratorer. Strålingskildene for hetteglasset kan kjøpes enkeltvis eller i sett etter brukerens ønsker. Andre nuklider og aktiviteter er også tilgjengelig.

Flood Sources

Flood Source provides a uniform field of radiation for evaluation of Nuclear Medicine gamma camera performance, allowing detection and correction of any camera malfunction prior to diagnostic use. The typical useful life of the Co-57 flood source is approximately 2 years.

Disc Sources

Disk Sources are mainly used for checking the performance of GM tubes and NaI detectors. The type D disks measure 25. 4 mm (1") by 6. 35 mm (0,25") and are manufactured of high-strength plastic. The active diameter of the disk is 5. 0 mm.

Rod sources

The type R rod is used for calibrating well type NaI(Tl) detectors.  The active diameter of the rod standard is 4,75 mm.

Spot Marker

Artikkelnr.: 0975-S100, 0975-S200

Artikkelnr.: 0975-S100, 0975-S200 Spot Markers are used for patient orientation during SPECT studies. The activity is supplied as a nominal value of ±15%. NIST traceable calibrations with accuracies of ±5% are available. Dimension 25,4 mm + 6,35 mm (1" x 0,25").

Penpoint Markers

Artikkelnr.: PP-057-100U, PP-057-200U

Artikkelnr.: PP-057-100U, PP-057-200U The Penpoint Marker is used to mark a point or regions at SPECT studies. The trace appears almost instantly on the gamma camera display. The Penpoint Markers contain 100 μCi of Co-57 at the end of an anodized aluminum rod.

Rigid Ruler

The Rigid Ruler is a plastic tube 5 mm in diameter containing 15 alternating 10mm sections of Co-57 and inactive lead. The overall length of the ruler is 17 cm with an active length of 15 cm. Contained activity is supplied as a nominal value ±15%.

Flexible Marker

Flexible Markers are useful in outlining anatomical parts or borders of organs on patients. Co-57 is uniformly dispersed in an epoxy matrix and contained in a 2. 4 mm flexible plastic tube. The overall and active length of the marker is 19. 7" (50 cm).

Flexible Ruler

The Flexible Ruler is a plastic tube 4. 8 mm in diameter, containing 45 sequential 10,0 mm sections of Co-57 and inactive lead. The overall length of the ruler is 47 cm, with an active length of 45 cm. Contained activity is supplied as a nominal value ±15%.

Calicheck Linearity test kit CRC

Artikkelnr.: 5120-2144

Artikkelnr.: 5120-2144 The Calicheck linearity test attenuates Tc-99m by known values simulating the decay for a range of a few hours up to 4 days.  The 7 color-coded, lead-wrapped tubes allows for accurate testing. They are complete with their own storage container and record-keeping sheets. Calicheck Linearity Kit . .